Unparalleled Counterparty Risk Management

Unparalleled Counterparty Risk Management

Dytrix supports Knowing Your Counterparty’s critical risk management requirement (KYC). Clients count on us to ensure that funds are transmitted to a validated bank account. The Dytrix counterparty risk management program seamlessly integrates with lender Loan Origination Systems to improve productivity and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

  • Mitigates Privacy Risk should the closing agent violate your customer’s privacy
  • Validates all wire instructions over a recorded telephone call
  • Qualifies counterparty to lender’s specific background & insurance requirements
  • Simple to integrate into your processes and LOS
  • Securely delivered through a SOC compliant platform
  • Authenticates the counterparty’s identity
  • Delivers material productivity improvements to generate a high ROI

Lowering Lender Costs and Improving Cybersecurity Risk Management

Managing Critical Financial Transaction Elements

Counterparty risk and transaction security are critical elements of doing business in the financial services industry. The rise of cybersecurity threats, phishing scams, social engineering tactics, and compromised emails create a worldwide risk in financial transactions. According to the FBI, since loan and real estate transactions involve substantial amounts of immediately useable funds, transaction participants have been subjected to continual fraud attempts with reported losses totaling billions of dollars. What’s more, lenders are subject to substantial privacy risk should the closing agent have a data breach and violate the lender customer’s privacy by releasing all the NPI included in the final closing package.

Know Your Counterparty

At Dytrix, we strive to stay ahead of all cybersecurity threats. We mitigate counterparty risk management to secure lenders’ transactions and support the regulatory requirement of knowing your counterparty (“KYC”). Counterparties are authenticated and uniquely qualified to individual lender/client requirements. We assume every third-party email is likely fraudulent. This program results in no more failed closings, disappointed customers, lower counterparty risk, and no liability of misdirected funds.

Significant Productivity Improvements

Since Dytrix uniquely qualifies closing agents to individual lender requirements, lenders can enjoy substantial productivity gains that drive significant cost improvements directly to loan manufacturing and treasury management costs. Dytrix experienced mortgage bankers understand first-hand that lowering costs is just as important as protecting against wire fraud and meeting KYC requirements.
The Dytrix transaction report provides the qualified closing agent data and supporting documentation, including insurance declarations and validated wire instructions directly into the lender’s Loan Origination System.

This complete KYC package reduces tasks and costly personnel time while also covering wire fraud risk.
The following chart demonstrates the substantial impact to loan manufacturing costs for a client closing 2,000 loans a month.

Note the net benefit generates material productivity cost savings in the first program year and $1.75 million over 5 years.  These savings are based on actual client experience of reduced staff time performing all related functions to qualify a closing agent and validate the wire instructions.

Talk to us about your business profile today and see how we can improve your bottom line while covering wire fraud risks.


Secure Closing Transaction Support – On Time – Every Time


Dytrix supports the critical risk management requirement of Knowing Your Counterparty (KYC).  Our totally outsourced solution seamlessly integrates with lender Loan Origination Systems to mitigate cybersecurity risks and improve productivity.

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