Client comments about how we support the success of their business.  While many client agreements preclude using the client’s name on our website and marketing materials, we are happy to provide references upon request.  Our client list includes some of the leading banks and mortgage banking companies.

“I am pleased to recommend Dytrix. We went to Dytrix for the closing agent wire and identity fraud risk mitigation, and we are pleased with the service. We have been pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the third-party vendor monitoring of our settlement agents. It has saved significant man-hours as we have an open list. The Encompass integration works very well and it has streamlined our loan opening process. Communication is concise and efficient. The rollout was very fast and easy to implement. I am very pleased with the service from Dytrix and the cost effectiveness. I strongly recommend them.”
Rob Mildish

Compliance & Risk Officer Northpoint Mortgage

“I will tell you that one of the attendees got in touch with me after the meeting.  He had put together a similar process using another vendor at a competitor, he told me that your process was head and shoulders above what he got from one of your competitors and asked me to take them off the table”.
Director of Credit Policy

Mortgage Banking Subsidiary of Leading Nationwide Real Estate Firm

“You have no idea how elated we are to be back with you!!!  I have been begging for this day…… You guys do a great job and we never would have known that unless we tried that AWFUL other company out.” 

Mortgage Processor

“I’m so happy we’re back working with you, my experience with that other company was awful” 

Loan Processor

“Your process lowered loan fulfillment costs and closing agent risk that exceeded our expectations”