Equifax Design Sprint recently selected Dytrix, Inc as a Top 10 Finalist. Dytrix’s new identity authentication and wire validation product, Protected WireSM, will be the company’s featured product. The finalists underwent several competitive events to qualify.

Regina, M. Lowrie, Dytrix CEO, noted the Equifax Design Sprint award was an important acknowledgment of the company’s continuing focus on supporting senders of real-time payments to have safe and secure transactions. She commented that “unrelenting wire fraud is impacting everyone sending significant sums across the Fed wire.” She added “because the funds are immediately available upon receipt and typically involve large sums, these electrons are tempting targets for fraudsters. What’s more, as real-time payments become the primary payment method, we’re already seeing increased regulatory focus by banking regulators and the CFPB on how to ensure safe and secure transactions that protect businesses and consumers”.


Equifax Annual Developer Challenge and Accelerator Program
Equifax is a global data, analytics, and technology company, leading the global economy by helping financial institutions, companies, employers, and government agencies with critical decisions. Equifax uses a unique blend of differentiated data, analytics, and cloud technology to drive insights in  decisions that move people forward.

The Equifax Accelerate program encourages participants to simplify access to data assets and API products, allowing developers to explore and access technical documentation, create apps, and experiment. The top 50 2022 Equifax Accelerate entries have been accepted into a Design Sprint Challenge to create prototype solutions. Following the Sprint, the finalists will compete for a chance to win a 12-week Product Studio program.

Data, analytics and technology provide a powerful force in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the world around us. Equifax is committed to accelerating innovation across the developer ecosystem to bring more consumers into the mainstream credit economy. We look forward to working with the 2022 Equifax Accelerate program cohorts in building data-driven solutions that help tackle the challenges of consumer financial inclusion and small business access to capital.
Bryson Koehler, Chief Product, Data & Analytics and Technology Officer

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