At the recent MBA Risk Management Conference in Nashville, Regina M. Lowrie, CMB, and Dytrix CEO discussed the continuing impact of wire fraud risks on lenders. She noted the need to ensure safe and secure transactions now cut across all lending platforms including mortgages, HELOCs, construction loans, and even personal loans.

About Regina Lowrie

Regina M. Lowrie, CMB, is a recognized national leader and authority in the mortgage and lending industry. With more than 30 years of experience in financial services, she has established and managed multiple successful banking/lending organizations. In 2005, Regina became the first woman chairman of the national Mortgage Bankers Association and continues to serve on many MBA committees. Regina has also testified before Congress on public policy to include GSE Reform and has served as an expert witness for the financial services industry. As president and CEO of Dytrix, Regina is arming banks and lenders with a comprehensive, real time defense system against wire and identity fraud. Regina is also President and CEO of RML Advisors. Prior to Dytrix and RML Advisors, Regina was Founder/President and CEO of Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services, a $3.2 Billion Mortgage Banker.

About Dytrix
Dytrix provides solutions for banks, credit unions, lenders, and other financial services businesses to mitigate cyber payment fraud and ensure the safe and secure transfer of electronic funds. Through a completely outsourced solution, Dytrix helps manage the wide range of closing agents and the myriad of regulations relating to these specialized third-party providers. These distinctive elements of the Dytrix process enable clients to lower net loan manufacturing costs by eliminating repetitive tasks. Additionally, through ProtectedWireSM, the SaaS solution founded on the Dytrix cornerstone‚ÄĒsafe transactions, on time, every time, Dytrix recognizes the need for businesses and individuals to make real time money transfers they can trust.