INTERPOL #WashYourCyberHands Plus the CISA, the FBI & US Government Report on the Top Vulnerabilities

The Perfect Storm - What Have We Learned About The Last Few Months Since The COVID19 Lockdown In the last couple of months, all the top cybersecurity law enforcement agencies around the globe have been busy trying to keep everyone safe from cybercriminals. As the COVID19 pandemic forced many businesses to work from home, hackers [...]

Dytrix founder Regina Lowrie warns of wire and identity fraud crisis

During interview on Lykken on Lending, former MBA chair says many lenders and consumers remain unprotected from wire and identity fraud, which causes billions of dollars in losses yearly BLUE BELL, PA (August 5, 2019) — Regina Lowrie, CMB, president and CEO of Dytrix, a provider of financial transaction security technology, was featured on the July 29 [...]

Regina Lowrie Wages War Against Financial Transaction Fraud with New FinTech Company, Dytrix, Inc.

BLUE BELL, Pa., June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Regina Lowrie, CMB, today announced the launch of a new financial technology company, Dytrix. The company, which will operate independent from RML Advisors, enables lenders and others who transmit funds electronically to secure financial transactions from fraud through a state-of-the-art platform. In making the announcement, Lowrie acknowledged that [...]